You are a Masterpiece: Positive Self-Image with Gladys Dillard | Establishing Fresh Vision (pt.5)

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About this Episode:

Back on the show to close out our Establishing Fresh Vision Series is our special guest Gladys Dillard! Tune-in to hear an encouraging conversation about positive self-image! Press play listen.

Meet Gladys Dillard

Gladys is a wife, mother, and community servant.

By trade, Gladys is a Pharmacist and has had experience working in hospitals and serving within the Cardiovascular Unit. With her medical background, Gladys served as the Vice President of Wisdom, Future & Hope, Inc.—a home health pediatric therapy company.

With over 20 years of organizational leadership, Gladys has mentored community leaders within the business, non-profit, and educational space to help them and their organizations break the odds.

In her free time, Gladys actively volunteers within her local community and leads an online international community dedicated to helping others fulfill their God-given purpose.

Tune-in to meet Gladys, hear a special behind the scenes moment, and hear a message of encouragement as we continue with our Establishing Fresh Vision series! Press play listen.

In this episode we cover:

  • Establishing fresh vision
  • Positive self-image
  • Positive affirmations

…and more!

Quote of the Day

…no matter where you are in your life, in your life journey—just remember you are in the process…Some experiences are going to be more challenging than others and some are going to be more enjoyable than others. But understand that you are beautiful, you are wonderfully made, you are a masterpiece, and that you will have victory.

—Gladys Dillard (interview on Break The Odds podcast)

Next Steps

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Connect with Gladys

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