Going to Counseling: What It’s Like, Myths, & Tips for Families | with Dr. India Dillard, PharmD

As a former Co-Chair within the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) for their Mental Health Initiative, India chats with us about the topic of mental health. She shares free and low-cost places to get counseling, the behind the scenes of what it’s like going to counseling (including counseling myths), tips for families, and more! Press play to listen.

Using Your God-Given Gifts to Serve Others + Debt-Free Funding Tips for Grad Students | with Dr. India Dillard, PharmD

India chats with us about how to use your God-given gifts to serve others, and transparently shares how she graduated college debt-free + debt-free funding tips for those interested in an advanced degree. And if you are interested in graduating with a degree in Pharmacy, India shares her success tips as well! Press play to listen.