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What is Clubhouse? | Detailed Explanation + 10 Tips for Beginners/Newbies

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About this Episode:

Have you heard of the trending app Clubhouse? Today Elease explains what Clubhouse is, her experience with it so far, and 10 tips for using it as a resource/tool to help you break the odds. Press play to listen.

In this episode we cover:

  • What Clubhouse is
  • How Clubhouse can serve as a resource + tool
  • 10 tips for using Clubhouse

…and more!

*Please Note: This is not an endorsement nor sponsored post/episode by Clubhouse. As with all social media platforms, you want to be careful. Episodes on Break The Odds do not serve as endorsements of any comments, opinions, actions, resources, and any other behavior by guests, individuals, and other parties. By using any third-party resources/platforms, you may be subject to their terms and conditions.

Clubhouse website:

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Quote of the Day

In general, I know on social media there’s this pressure to have a lot of followers and to have a large audience or to be a “influencer”.  And if you don’t have a lot of followers or a lot of people who attend your event, it’s easy to feel embarrassed or that you’re not as valuable compared to someone who has a lot of followers. But I want o remind you today—and I don’t know who needs to hear this—but the number of likes or followers that you have is not a reflection of your worth or your value. Your worth is priceless. Got 3 likes on your photo? That’s 3 lives you impacted today. Have 700 followers on social media? That’s more than some people’s high school graduating class. If you have 1 person who follows you, then you’re an influencer because you are influencing that person’s life. Don’t let social media dim your light. Lets’ choose purpose over popularity.

—Elease Dillard, host of Break The Odds Show

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