Introducing: Break The Odds Podcast | Meet Your Host Elease Dillard

About the Show:

Break The Odds Podcast is the go-to podcast to navigate you towards breaking the odds in your life, family, career, and communities. Think of this podcast as your weekly coffee rendezvous.

Hosted by Elease Dillard who graduated college debt-free and became a speaker, author, and award-nominated entrepreneur by the age of 24—you will receive actionable tips and strategies that you can implement towards breaking the odds in your life.

Enjoy guest appearances from industry experts, professionals, and individuals who transparently share their success stories and insight to help you reach the next level and create a lasting legacy.

Let’s do this together. Let’s break the odds together.

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We’d love to have you as a part of the Break The Odds community on social media! There, we’ll have an opportunity to personally connect with you, and you can also connect with others who are taking action towards breaking the odds in their lives.

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